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Delta Commando ASU Camo 9.5" Combat OTF AUS-8A Dagger/ Serrated Blade Available Limited 1-Yr. Warranty BEST SELLER to MILITARY

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Product Description

The Automatic DELTA- AUS-8A Dagger /Serrated  has a Unique Handle Shape that Has not changed ( why fool with perfection) it molds to your Hand and has "AeroSpace Billet Aluminum Handles"(NEW) For Strength and Flexibility. Comes with a CNC 1911 Diamond Non Slip Grip Pattern over a Black Rubberized Coating for Sound Deadening, Ultimate Protection, Sure Grip and Durability Beyond Belief! Solid Stainless Steel Trigger Chassis. The Oversized Actuating Switch permits easy Opening with Gloves. Intergrated Glass Breaker/Striker in the Base of the Handle. New Low Profile Black Stainless Steel Coated Grade 8 Body Screws (Torx#6) make dis-assembly easier for cleaning and repairs if necessary.

The DELTA AUS-8A Dagger /Serrated  will hold its Own in any Situation or Environment and Built to Last! These Fierce OTF's are more Intimididating than other OTF's and have a "Bite Like a Beast". The Serrations can Rip through any Organic Material and Soft Metals with Ease. With the Extra Weight Making This One Formidable Knife. Black Stainless Steel Boot/Belt Clip. Comes with a Combat Nylon Para-Clip Belt Sheath and Ergonomically Designed to work with A.L.I.C.E/Web, TA-50 and Molle Gear.

If You are ever in a Situation where your Life would Depend on your Knife. The 9.5" DELTA Commando  COMBAT OTF with Drop Point & Drop Point /Serrated " Blade is the weapon for You! New Machining Processes and designed to Exacting Tolerances from Quality Materials makes the 9.5" DELTA COMBAT Unique for this Price Range! Improved Internal Parts. The Fire Switch Rides on the Rubber Coating for a smoother, Faster Blade Deployment. Less moving Parts means less problems and a total Upgrade in the Internals; Main-Springs, Sear & Sear-Springs, Stainless Steel Trigger Assembly and General Overall Construction.

The Action on 9.5 DELTA COMBAT OTF is Fast, They Hit Hard, and the Lock-Up is Excellent. The Action is Constant Torsion Spring Pressure for Rapid Blade Deployment and Retraction! The 3.875"(3-7/8) AUS-8A Blade (DLC) Coated has .875"(7/8") inside the Handle when fully Open and with Tighter Tolerances inhibits blade wobble. This DELTA COMBAT OTF and the Drop Point /Serrated are Modified by KWKW and Outlaw Cutlery and are all Original! And are Only Available at KeyWestKnifeWorks.com So be Aware of Cheap/Over-Priced($159.99 to $189.99) Copies that do not Stack up to the Quality of Our OTF's!

Spec's Include: 9.5" Overall Length,

5.5" Closed Handle Length,

Handle Thickness .55"

Tapered to: .43" 3.875"

AUS-8A Stainless Steel Blade DLC Coated Dagger /Serrated  Length,.174" Thick

Torx #6 Aerospace Grade 8 Body Screws

(4160 Spring Steel)Main-Spring and Sear springs

 Spare parts Available: email:  In case of Hard Use on "JOHNNY JIHAD's" Head!

And a Hefty 9oz Weight.

(Internal modifications made by: *KWKW & Outlaw Cutlery*)

This is a True Tactical Combat Knife Proven by Being in Service Right Now with Our Troops in the Deserts of IRAQ and the Mountains of AFGHANISTAN. There is Know BETTER Testiment than That!

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