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MTech"TWIST" Balisong Original 9" Xtreme Designed by Darrel Ralph BEST SELLER w/ Independent Client Review Free Domestic Shipping

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Product Description

There are NOW TWIST Pivots Available, on this very section where this TWIST is >> Click the attached link BELOW to take you right there:



Unique all steel Custom Design by master knife smith  "Darrel Ralph" Twist Butterfly Knife! “The Twist” butterfly knife  has a smooth operation that has very little side to side give unlike many of the less expensive butterfly knives. This particular knife is Medium Weight and Solid. Doing Tricks with this Balisong are easier.

The Twist has some fabulous details & features. The TWIST features a plain 440C stainless steel blade with a razor sharp edge. The blade and handles are a Gun Metal color which is Great for this knife, similiar to a Satin. Overall, the quality and construction on the TWIST is excellent. One of the things that make this knife so outstanding is how customizable it is. The TWIST has two tang studs that keep the handles from banging together this makes for a tighter lock-up and reduced blade wear. If you don't like the latches on the right side you can switch it over to the left. The knife is constructed with Torx screws( The actual screw size may change- be aware of this/ pivot's are currently torx#6 bit size)) so any owner can easily adjust the knife.The TWIST can be easily disassembled and cleaning it is a breeze.

Every SingleTWIST we send out world-wide is triple inspected! Once at the pick, again at the packing and final inspection. We send nothing out that is not perfect! Our record stands for itself and we have sold hundreds and hundreds! You get a perfectly functioning TWIST balisong...

If you do any damage while Adjusting or Customizing"like stripping Pivots" or other screws or pins, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! So use the correct torx-bit size and most important "take your time and think about what your doing."

If you have a problem or need advice "call us we answer our phones here" and are happy to help!

Specifications: Blade: 4"

440C Stainless Steel,

Handle: 5" Stainless Steel,

Overall: 9" Fully Deployed,

Torx screw Construction

** (screw sizes may vary) Pivot Bushings Vary from what is available at time of purchase. Normally Pho-Bronze, Graphite, Forprene and Aluminum. All are top quality and for heavy duty use.

 Independent Client review Below and a great example of the differences between our "TWIST'S" and Other sellers stuff!

From: Carl xxxxxx <xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com> Subject: RE: Mtech Twist To: webmaster@keywestknifeworks.com Date: Thursday, February 7, 2013, 11:04 PM * I am impressed, red loctite solved the problem. All this knife needs is a latch gate and a pocket clip so i can EDC it. Im probablly going to buy another one or two twists from you soon. I hope you have some in stock. BTW do you have any FU42s thats not damascus. -Carl ** [ Note to the Wise ] Get a good Torx bit! Or, driver set! This is unimaginably important. If it does'nt sit tight in the torx receptacle "It's JUNK and you will strip it out !! ALSO; If you're having trouble getting the pivots loose >> use HEAT! Blow Dryer's or Heat GUN for VCT Tile work GREAT... Sloppy fitting bits will ruin you Twist... "Husky or Colbalt Torx Driver & Bit Sets we sell here . You can also find them at Home Depot & Lowes. They are under $10.00 and everyone who ownes a knife should have one of these for repairs or cleaning.

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