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Shipping & Delivery : The Title for all Merchandise Ordered on this Web Site "Pass to You" when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. KeyWestKnifeWorks.com is not responsible or liable for any losses, delays, accidents, customs siezures, damages or other issues that are the responsibility of the shipping carrier!

********************SHIPPING Info*******************

All Orders are Treated as "RUSH ORDER'S" and are Sent ABSOLUTELY as soon as possible from when we receive the Order and your payment has "Posted" in our Bank Acct.(Normally 1-3 Days) We PRIDE OURSELVES on PROMPT SHIPPING!! 

Upon receipt of the order, we will contact you by email or phone and notify you when your order will ship out. It's just part of our personalized service here at KeyWestKnifeWorks.com

As we ship quantities of merchandise daily, occasionally an item you order may have run out. As our stock is replenished daily, any item that is not on hand usually will be back in stock within 1-3 days. In this situation you may experience a brief delay in shipping your order, but all orders generally ship within 1-3 business days (Saturday and Sunday excluded). Depending on how soon the monies paid clear the acct in our Bank. In the event that we cannot fulfill your order within that time, we will notify you.

If your order contains multiple items, and 1 is not on hand, we will usually ship your order, and then ship the other items within 1-3 days when they are available again. In this case, you will not be charged any extra shipping charges for the 2nd shipment.

For  "EXPRESS MAIL"($22.50) from the Drop-down in the Shopping Cart under "Shipping Options".

Any Express USPS Mail will wait its turn in the Que like all orders that come through the Shopping Cart. We pack orders as they come in that is the fairest method to all customers. Express Mail is know different in our eyes than 1st Class or Priority Mail. Our shipping times are relatively fast so your order normally ships out within 1-3 days anyway...

NOTE for EXPRESS MAIL: (Over Night- Most Locations)This is a 12"x 9-1/2" Flat Rate Padded Shipping Envelope. It can take up-to (3)-(4) Standard 6" (Closed)Folding Knives. Less Items if larger.

For Insurance: Note It in the "Comments Section" in the Shopping Cart. We will accommodate your requests.

Credit Card Company's Suggest a Signature Confirmation on Orders shipped. Without this Confirmation and your package gets lost or stolen you will have no recourse but to except the Loss. THIS INCLUDES THE PLACEMENT OF INSURANCE ON YOUR ORDER ALSO! KeyWestknifeWorks.com is not responsible for the placement of this Confirmation OR INSURANCE. It is up to the buyer to do this! It is the Sincere recommendation of KeyWestKnifeWorks.com that all buyers who use this store, request this Signature Confirmation. All you need do is request it the "Comments Section" in Shopping Cart. Otherwise, You asume all risk of shipment of your Items.



There are NO Refunds Or Returns unless its for a Factory Defect!

KeyWestKnifeWorks.com is for big grown up adults who make purchases and are bound to the "Terms of Service" whether they read them or not.

If you are unsatisfied with a product. We do not accept any excuse like – not as perfect as my imagination , expectation , just don't like it, its not what I expected, I do not know how to work it so it must be broken.You are an Adult and responsible for your decisions. Business is serious , if you not sure about how an item works and you buy it,"YOU own it" If its defective of course I'll take care of it. We stand buy our products here.

But if you buy it then change your mind for any reason(except for a factory defect) it will not be accepted for a return!

If an item is accepted for a return the original Packaging(the Box the Item Came in is the Original Packaging) must be with the item. There is no exceptions to this rule.

If we(KWKW) are to get a credit for a item with a factory defect we must return the item with its original packaging or else we can not get a credit for that item. If you return an item with a factory defect and do not send the original packaging we will not accept it because we can not get the credit. Its your resonsibility to keep all packaging until you are sure all is Ok with your order. 48 hours is more than enough time to determine is there is a factory defect with your item.

Warning Criminals: We prosecute all credit card fraud transactions. Card fraud is a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. We work directly with the police, ISPs, Consumer Affairs, Postal Inspectors, and the Secret Service to prosecute offenders. Your IP address has also been recorded.

Any items that were used or abused will not be accepted and sent back to Customer at customers expense! If you took the item apart trying to be Mac Gyver and fix it then broke it when there was nothing wrong in the first place because you did not know how to work it we here at KWKW will know and that is FRAUD...

If You took the item apart trying to fix it or just looking then it does not work There is no way of knowing who did what to what ,understand? Factory defect or some customer. KWKW has paint that will show up under a black/ultraviolet light and we will know if you took it apart or not, So its easy to be honest "Just tell the truth" as said earlier 'anything can be worked out"... If attempting a return...Please notify us within 48 hours of delivery by email or telephone. Any claim reported after 48 hours will be VOID.

"Make sure you agree to our policies before You order".

Any questions about items purchased from KWKW please consult with your local Police Departmnt

If your order arrives damaged in shipment and You did not have KWKW place insurance on your order, You assume all responsibility such damages.

In the event of receipt of Defective items or wrong items shipped, etc., any merchandise returned to us must be accompanied by a (return authorization number). This number will be furnished to you at the time the return is authorized, and must be on the address label or prominently marked on the box. ANY MERCHANDISE RETURNED TO US WITHOUT A (RA#) WILL BE REFUSED AND RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER AT THEIR EXPENSE.

It has been our experience shipments arrive to the customer safe and sound. All merchandise is carefully inspected prior to shipping, and professionally packed using high strength corrugated boxes and appropriate fill materials. If you should receive damaged items, YOU MUST RETAIN ALL SHIPPING CARTONS AND PACKING MATERIALS AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

This is necessary because when we file a damage claim with the shipper on your behalf if you included insurance with your order on the items you purchased, sometimes they want to collect the merchandise and packaging for inspection. As soon as we are notified by the shipper whether or not they wish to inspect the package we will let you know. If so, they(the shipping carrier) will make arrangements with you directly to pick up the package(s). As soon as the claim is accepted by the shipper (in most cases this is within 24-48 hours), we will ship out your replacement items.

In some case's Items are METICULOUSLY PHOTOGRAPHED and DOCUMENTED using "A Current Daily News Paper" verifying the actual date of shipment and the "Time and Date Feature" on Our Digital Camera. This is also WITNESSED by a 3rd PARTY. So is the application of the liquid that if exposed will show up under black/ultraviolet light. This is done to ensure the item shiped is in the condition we say it is and is "Proof" accepted in a Court of Law. This eliminates any attempts at someone saying "The item you sent was damaged and "I want someting Off" on it because of this. "Believe me there are people out there who do this! "WE DO NOT SEND ITEMS THAT ARE DAMAGED- KNOWING WE WILL GET THEM BACK!

RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: By purchasing any item sold by keywestknifeworks.com, the buyer expressly warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of the item. It shall be the buyers responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws governing the sale of any items listed, illustrated or sold. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless keywestknifeworks.com for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, or use of the item in violation of applicable Federal, State, and Local laws or regulations. Buyer further warrants that he/she is 18 years of age or older, and understands that some items sold by keywestknifeworks.com are dangerous if misused. Buyer expressly agrees to idemnify and hold harmless keywestknifeworks.com for injuries which may result from use of products sold by us..



-DO YOU OFFER CATALOGS? Due to rapidly changing inventory and to keep costs down, we do not offer a printed catalog. Orders are taken from the web site, e-mail, phone and mail order. Since we are growing fast I'm looking into a perminent form of inventory and will have a Catalog eventually.

-DO YOU SHIP COD? All orders are shipped prepaid only. To pay by money order please list the items you wish to order and email , including your telephone number. We will then contact you with your total so that you can send the money order. We will also accept personal checks, but they must clear your bank before shipping, which could take anywhere from 7-14 business days. We will offer you COD terms once you become an established customer. Please contact us for more information.

-WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO ORDER? Due to state laws, we do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age. It is impossible to check ever order to make sure that a person is 18 years old. But on occasion we do require an "ADULT SIGNATURE" in order to insure that products are not shipped to minors. So beware if you attempt to fraudulently obtain Items from KeyWestKnifeWorkd.com because if your caught I will notify the police of your actions and have you arrested. (Ever since a 13Yr old in Canada used his Grandmothers credit card I will call the number or e-mail the card owner and check who did the order.) Domestic and International Orders are subject to this...

-IS THE ITEM I WANT TO ORDER LEGAL IN MY STATE OR CITY? laws change frequently and there are literally hundreds of state and local jurisdictions throughout the U.S. all with varying laws. So ultimately, it is your responsibility, not ours, to determine if the items you want to order are legal to own in your location. If you are in doubt, check your local laws before ordering.

-CAN ORDERS BE PICKED UP INSTEAD OF SHIPPED? We are an On-Line Store Only. No Pick-Up's.

"AVS Address Verification System"

(Please Read)

Transaction Status: Flagged by Shopping Cart! (Authorization with the card issuer was successful but the transaction was Flagged due to an address or ZIP code mismatch with the address on file with the card issuing bank.)

The Address Verification System (AVS) is a system used to verify the identity of the person claiming to own the credit card.

The system will check the billing address of the credit card provided by the users address where the item is being shipped too.

SPECIAL NOTE: When a customer places an order. The Bank puts a hold on the authorized funds for the item to be purchased. This will remain on the customer’s card until the order is processed then the funds will be released to the service provided for the services rendered. In this case its KeyWestKnifeWorks.com. and the customer purchased a item.

But, If the item is say "OUT OF STOCK" As a result, the held funds and the authorizations will remain available for settlement for approx.3-7 days. If not claimed in that time the issuing bank releases them back to the Credit card holder.

These funds are subtracted from the customer’s available balance, and an online statement may even reflect a authorization request which might be MISTAKEN for an actual charge, Even though the merchant did not process the order and batch the funds to his /her account...

Contact your bank and find out when the funds will be available again to your acct.

Key West Knife Works[Cocoa,Fl] Management!

Key West Knife Works is not responsible for Sales of products into Unauthorized Areas. By purchasing any item sold by KWKW you are agreeing that you accept legal responsibility for owning the item you have ordered in the jurisdiction to which we deliver it.  Its the Responsibility of the Buyer, and not the Seller, to ascertain, and obey, All Applicable Local, State, Federal and International Laws in regard to the ownership and use of items purchased from KWKW.  Buyer further warrants that he/she is 18 years of age or older, and understands that some products sold by KWKW are Dangerous if Misused. Buyer expressly agrees to Indemnify and Hold Harmless Our Company.

"International Orders" All Buyers outside the USA are responsible for knowing and complying with their country's laws concerning the items purchased here. Research what items are Prohibited or Restricted in your particular Country. If you have us send an item that falls into one of the categories mentioned and it gets seized by Customs you are responsible for all losses, damages, duties, and /or Customs related fines and fees of these items. Therefore, There will be no Delivery Guarantee, Refund or Replacement for any & all orders being shipped out of the U.S.A. Order at Your Own Risk...

Our Website Swear's (or Affirm's) that we will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; And that we Bear True Faith and Allegiance to the same!

Items Sold To: United States Government, United States Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters/First Responders, Registered Clients and for Collection Purposes. Not as Weapons!

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