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 All Emails are done by the Customers at their own "Free Will". No-One has been offered anything to respond in a positive manner... "When I receive emails from Our Troops who sacrifice for All of Us- It's a Great Feeling Knowing that We're useful and contributing in a small way. We sincerely appreciate our guy's every one of them. Its the same for our Great Clients/Customers,

We here at KWKW know its hard out there right now, the war in the middle-east, our crazy economy and the crazy people doing crazy things. We have to remember this is the USA and we are a "Nation of COWBOY's and its all of our responsibilities to "COWBOY-UP" and get the Job done.


Aug 2019 New Client says;

Thank you for your fast shipping of my recent order..  I greatly appreciate your trusted service.      I look forward to working with you again.
Steve S.


23 June 2019 New Client says;

Hey Ski,

Thanks for the GREAT service and FAST and EASY purchase and delivery of my BUCK 110 ELITE with holster.  I ordered and it was delivered in the same week which is almost unheard of these days. 
Also I appreciate the follow-up call you made to satisfy my question, again, that’s fantastic customer service.  The product was exactly what was advertised, a Buck 110 Auto Elite made in USA.
Yes! I will be ordering in the future!
Semper Fi,



17 June 2019 A Client says:

 Hey Ski, just received my order and am so very pleased. The quality deserves two big thumbs up for sure. Everything is really tight, when the knife is closed there is no rattle whatever. When blade is deployed, very minimal blade movement. Love the weight as well. May order another one just for the hell of it. Hope to speak to you in the very near future. Best wishes, Jeff


June 17th 2019 and a recent client says this:

Ski ,  How are you...   I am very happy to-day , I received what I order from you , the way you ship is right . I got it now .Thank one more time for your help , the knife go to my showcase .
Regards ,   Ken .


10/2018 Another Happy Client

Got my order today!

I got my alpha recondo today in the mail & wow what a nice solid knife! Thank you so much for the case that it came with! I'm loving this knife. What a great knife for the money! I'll be sure to leave you a stellar review/feedback on your site. As my first OTF blade, I'm extremely happy with it & glade I went with you!

Thanks again,

Ryan L.



7/2018 A happy customer says Thanks!

To the awesome crew at KWKW,

         Just wanted to say thank you sincerely for providing such excellent service at fair prices. Placed my order on Wednesday and my knife was in the mailbox today (Saturday). 
     As if that wasn't enough, the packaging was immaculate. I mean, "lovingly" is the only word that fairly describes the thoroughness and care involved. AND...... thank you for the Gerber Shard, you shouldn't have!
      I am very impressed, and I will definitely make any future knife purchases with your company. Thank you for doing things right!

                                                                                                        Stephen H.


3/2018 New Client Has This to say:

Dear Sir, Your shipping of this order was unbelievable!
I placed it on a Saturday at 1:03 pm and received an email 27 minutes later saying that it was shipped! I Picked the package
up on Monday morning. WOW...
I had been "window shopping" on your website for awhile, so many fine items to choose from. I have read every description then finally decided. The  MeyerCo Darrel Ralph 18-XRAY and Delta Commando 9.5" Combat OTF Drop Point Blade .
Not only do they exceed my expectations on every level, and priced very competitively, they are of the highest quality.
I allow myself to purchase a few items every month and I have already made my choices for next month.
From one VET to another, thank you very, very much.

Paul W. M., TSgt.
United States Air Force, Retired


1/2018 New Client says: (and a plug for HIS Business)


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much my wife
and I have been enjoying the knives we purchased from you.
They are going strong and work great!

Bill C.
Cordova Business Services


10/2017 This Client say's:

Thanks for the great gear. Exactly was I was looking for. Take care!



09/2017 A Client had this to say about KWKW!

Dear Key West Knife Works, My husband recently decided he wanted a dual action OTF knife and had a horrible experience with a so-called knife broker from Colorado (XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX & XXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXX)who refused to let us return the $100 POS that they call a knife and wanted to attempt to "fix" any problem my husband had with it stating that these type of knives are just gimmicks and the only way to get a decent one is to spend around $500-$1000. You can imagine how angry we both were after discovering we'd been scammed out of $100. We can't believe this conartist is still in business with the way he scams people out of their hard earned money.

My husband was ready to give up on ever having a nice dual action OTF knife when he discovered Key West Knife Works and read all the testimonials on your website. He decided to take a gamble and on September 11th, the day after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, he placed his order for a 10.5" Delta Raider Tactical OTF T6 6061 Aluminum Handles & AUS 8 Modified Drop Point Blade. On Sept 13th without skipping a beat, you shipped his knife and we received it only a couple days later. He and I are extremely satisfied with this knife. It is by far the finest craftsmanship we have ever seen and made with top of the line materials. He continues to brag about it and proudly shows it to everyone he sees telling them all about Key West Knife Works. He says he'd have willingly paid 2-3 times more for the excellent quality of this knife. We will never have to worry about losing money purchasing anymore knives because from now on we will only be loyal to Key West.

Thank you SO much for the wonderful experience and for providing us with peace of mind as well as an amazing knife that we can all be proud of. You have gained our respect and our loyalty. It's so hard to find decent businesses in this day and age and you stand high above the rest and we appreciate it more than words can say.

 Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Chip & Cindy G.


07/2017 A New Client had a problem. His email after we took care of the problem and the items he purchased...

I truly want to thank you for such a pleasant experience. Customer service is the best I've ever dealt with and the products are exactly as described. I'm using the Kershaw as my EDC, I do love the snap just like you said I would. I can't wait to put my hands on the new Alpha. I understand every product can have flaws and it was amazing that you exchanged an OTF with no questions asked. 

 Thanks again  Jonathan


07/2017 New Client has this to say about his experience with Key West Knife Works!

I Just wanted to say that the customer service was 100% outstanding. My tracking number mistake on my part was corrected instantly. And my knife arrived on time as promised and I am very happy with my purchase. I will continue to tell my friends where the most professional place to order from is "Key West Knife Works". I will order from no other place.  
Thanks, LOUIS


07/2017 New Client says:

Hello sir, 
I just got my Italian Milano (Taiwan made) knife today. It is very nice and I
Love It!! Nicest one out of my collection.
Thank you, Oscar


07/2017 Repeat Client says:

Thanks man, very nice item and once again best customer service in the business. This is my 4th purchase. 

I am amazed the fantastic items you have in your store! Enjoy your 4th of July weekend on your boat...

Gracias,  Doc Rob ( Michigan )


07/2017 Another New Client says:

Thanks Ski! Very happy with the knife! You will be hearing from me in the near future. Have a good one my new Friend.

I hope your a/c troubles get solved.

Jearl from Rincon, Georgia


04/2017 new client says;

I wanted to let you know how much I love this
Alpha CRT OTF I purchased from you. The fit
is tight and better than any other OTF I have
seen. Also, this is probably the sharpest knife
out of the box I have ever had... and I have
had lots...

Bill Cupp
Cordova Business Services


4/2017 International Client from Austria says:

Hello Rob my best friend in the USA
Thank you very much for the information

Kind regards from Austria



4/2017 A new client has this to say about our ALPHA CRT OTF;

I just received my new ALPHA
today. Just wanted to say what a fantastic knife
this is!
Thanks a bunch!! Bill C.


3/2017 A new client has this to say about her BUCK 110 Hunter Auto-Conversion, She say's:

Hi just received the knife and it works great. Thank You so much I love it. We appreciate it very much and you can

expect more business from us. We just want to say Thank You again...


The Hensley Family


02/2017 An International Client ( FRANCE) has this to say about our Products and Service;

Hello, I'm sorry but a lot of work, and not had time to keep you informed.

Parcel well received, I am very happy with the Militia Cupid OTF's. These are not the cheap Joker OTF's by any means.

And your International Service is unbelievable. I can not believe how fast it came even at 1st Class. 

I will tell you soon for another purchase ;) Until my friend...

Regards,  Allen


1/2017 new client had this to say about our new ALPHA RANGER:

          Thank you for my new Alpha Ranger with the tanto blade. This design is exactly what I wanted. 
The knife is light and very sturdy,
made of top grade materials. Thanks again for this great knife.   Richard   M.


1/2017 1st one of 2017!  By a good friend and a fine client of Key West Knife Works. He says,


I want to thank you for your professionalism in the way you conduct business. I buy these knives and give them as a thank you to many law enforcement and military people I know as it is a shame that their agencies won't allow them to purchase them through the proper channels in California.

Gratefully, Jim


12/2016 A new client a very nice Woman purchased a Armando Beltrame Switchblade for her husband for a Christmas present.

She says:

Hi Rob ...Wanted to let you know the Switchblade I bought my husband for Christmas is outstanding and he loves it.

Thanks, Valerie

PS: Do you have a place in Key West... No we are located in central Florida,  Rob


12/2016 A long time Client has this to say:


You are the greatest with customer service and detail.

I almost feel like I know ya buddy. Since my 1ST order (about 4 years now) you have made me smile every time. Thank You and God Bless.

Happy Holiday's, TIM.


12/2016 a new client had this to say about our Delta 14 Combat Fighting OTF Knife, he says:

After purchasing the 10.75 Delta 14 Combat Fighting OTF Tanto I have to admit I was astounded at both the quality and the beauty of this knife. I have owned Microtech Halos, Dalton Cupids, Benchmades, and a couple Elishewitz autos and this knife from Key West Knife Works takes a back seat to no other knife maker I’ve seen or held in my hand. This Delta 14 Combat Tanto is a 1st class knife that anyone would be proud to own and it is priced very fairly.

  Dusty K.

Lancaster Ohio


11/2016 New Client has this to say about our Delta 14's. He says:

I picked up both packages today. Love the knives! 3 GERBER 06 Mil-Issue Tanto Serrated and 2 Delta 14 Combat Fighting Single Action OTF knives.
 I have a gate across my driveway and my mailman is too lazy to get out and walk, so he writes no access.
 Thanks for everything. I'll be ordering soon.
 Happy Thanksgiving


11/2016 One of our Wholesale Clients had this to say after he purchased 20 Delta Commando's.

Key West Knife Works has many wholesale clients that purchase from our Selection of "Out the Front" (OTF) Knives.

He Say's: Ok thanks Ski.  Shipment came in today and everything was fine.

Don S.


10/2016 A New Client had this to say about his New Kershaw Launch 2:

Just got my new Kershaw knive and I just plain love it.  Thank you guys.

Floyd B. / Indiana USA


10/2016 Same Client as below Testimonial purchased a DELTA COMMANDO - and he says about it:

Hi Ski,

The Delta Commando arrived today. Just wanted to say thanx again, for taking my call Sat.
Great advice/info. I LOVE this knife!!!. fires hard, locks great, nice weight, great blade. It will replace my Benchmade on my belt clip. cant believe its a 1/3 the price!!. already see my next conquest on the site!.
Bobby G.


9/2016 Bobby Below received his New BUCK IMPACT 898 and has this to say:

Ski, I just got my BUCK 898 Impact Auto. 

 Its definitely a great value for the money. Made in USA, razor sharp, fast action, not cheesy!.
Already back on the your site lookin for my next addition!.
Thnx for fast, secure delivery.
Bobby G


9/2016 New Client has this to say about our Customer Service and the BUCK Impact 898 he purchased;

Thanks so much for the call last night. personal attention is very much appreciated.

I look fwd to more future business.

I can not wait to see my BUCK IMPACT AUTO!

Robert G.  New York


7/2016 Active Duty Military bought an assortment of knives to give his troops as gifts for the holidays.

Sends us at KWKW a photo and says:

Dear Sir,

Was great fun giving these gifts to my subordinates for upgrades and promotions. Thanks again for the free APO shipping, actually means alot to me since many people will not ship to APO. Best regards.

From APO, Armed Forces Europe -SSgt Dick


7/2016 New Client says about his order:


6/2016 Client purchaed the New BUCK IMPACT #898. here is what he had to say:

I received my Buck Impact Automatic Knife today. It is a very well made knife and has good balance and snap open, just what I wanted. I am very happy with the product and want to thank Ski for the phone call answering some questions before I orderd. The fast shipping and service were great. Thanks again
Randy Evans


5/2016 Police Officer purchases the Delta Raider OTF and he says;

Ski, I received the Delta Raider today and I must say that I am quite impressed with the overall quality, fit and finish of the knife. Having held a Pistol Master and weapons title with the Police Dept. here in NY since 1989 I have had the opportunity to inspect, test and review many types of fire arms and defensive edged weapons for the Police Department, giving them my recommendation. I have been looking for a double action OTF knife with the modified drop point blade for some time. I have a Microtech Halo single action with this blade configuration but must say the Raider in my opinion is even a better back up choice than the Halo. In a Life or death struggle with a would be assailant I have to say the Raider in the hands of an expert could make all the difference in the world with regard to going home in one piece. You have my highest recommendation.  

   Retired Officer, G. Sxxxx P.W.P.D  Shield #89


3/2016 We had to substitute to get the order -- new client says;

Regarding Order# 7535
Hello SKI, you wrote me a letter saying you could not fill my order with the black color knife i wanted.  You filled the order with the Med. Grey instead. 
It is acceptable to me.  Thank you.  The Med. Grey is cool and is my next best choice.  Not a problem.  Thanks for filling the order fast.

Andy M.


3/2016 New Client has to say after his 1st purchase:

Wow, you guys are incredible. I spent a lot of time on your website and I gotta say it was fantastic. Easy to use and navigate, and having the YouTube videos was amazing. 
Getting a reply back so quickly goes way and beyond reasonable customer service, and I am amazed. What a great company. I look forwarding to doing business with you guys again. I will tell everybody I know about you guys. 
In a big world like this, it's a rare thing to have such great customer service. Epic.
Thanks much.  -Travis


2/2016 New Client endours lost shipment by US POSTAL with Grace! 'Jasper' first time buyer with KWKW ordered a New BUCK Impact #898 Automatic knife. (BUCKS 1st Automatic Knife they produced themselves.) JASPER Says:

Ski, the knife is on my side today and you\'re not getting it back, EVER!
HAHA Thanks again for the excellent service, it is easy to handle things
when there is nothing wrong. Your communication took this from a
frustrating ordeal to an understandable mishap.

I hope you end up with a positive resolution with the USPS and look
forward to buying from you again.



Jasper's order was shipped and tracking didnt show movement. When we were told of this we checked it and he was right. Since USPS was taking their good ole time telling us it seems to be lost in the mails. We went and purchaced one ( our inventory sold out of this item while all this was going on.) at a contenders site. We took care of Jasper and as he says above he's happy about our customer service!  To date 8 days later we still have not heard from USPS anything about our lost BUCK IMPACT #898....

We at Key West Knife Works salute Jasper for being a gentleman!


1/2016 the new year & 1st testimonial of the new year. Sent by a US ARMY Veteran and recent client who purchased the New Delta Commando Black Tactical OTF -- our newest Edition with the T6 6061 aluminum handles and the VG10 Clip Point blades. He says:

Ski, this is THE knife, especially the price difference, that will make the other big name knife folks grind their teeth. I got my knife really quick. Thank you for that. It came out of the bubble wrap, ready to be put to work. It was sharp, like I said a quality product should be. I would have no hesitation to take this knife with me to any of the places down range that I've been, in my active days. I will be getting more of these items as funds are available. I will gladly hand your contact info to anyone going to the places that test their character. Thank you for your time and products that a working person can afford, and use with complete confidence.

Brother in Arms, Robert


12/2015 A new client purchased our Delta 13 OTF and has this to say about it:

The DELTA 13 is a really good knife for the price! I bought the Lighting OTF from Amazon and it's…ok…but this knife blows it out of the water! It's quality is way better and not made out of some cheap "pot metal". I'm a machinist and recognize good quality metal, and craftsmanship, when I see it! You also Have great customer service, and that's big deal to me! Oh and to top it all off, it got here it just 2 business days after I placed the order…during the Holiday Shopping Season! Great stuff all around! I will definitely be ordering more knives from here in the future!
Thanks again Ski


10/2015 A note from a Client who placed an order(6956)He says:

Hi Ski,
I received the shipment yesterday.  I want to thank you for the personal note in there.  These knives are very nice and exceeded my expectations.  They Delta 14 is pretty nice but I’m in love with the size of the Delta 21!  I only wish they were legal to carry here :(  
Appreciate the extra care and I’ll certainly be a return customer!
Nick B.


9/2015 New Client says about the new lite-weight Delta Commando,


  I received the Delta Commando Camo Desert OTF Knife with the lite-weight handles you graciously sent to me over the holiday and it's Awesome.  Oh and many thanks for the bullet lighter .... my daughter immediately confiscated that ...

  Wanted the let you know I'm enjoying it right now.

  Terry & Barbara


8/2015 New Client purchased the NEW Delta Commando with the 6061 T6 Handles. Here is what he has to say about the OTF.

Ski,  Got the knife today, nice unit for sure. Very smooth action.
I just returned a similar knife (not light weight) to your 189.95
friends, it was not close to the quality of your piece.  It had bad
blade wobble issues and a very hard, rough deployment.  Ski, you are the
best.  Thanks for getting the other knife I just ordered out so quickly. ( He ordered the Delta Utility OTF, another Outlaw Cutlery product )
It should be here Wednesday.

  It will be nice to take these on my upcoming trip.  The nice thing is
that here in Oregon we can pretty much carry anything we want.

Thanks,  Don J. from Oregon


8/2015 New Client impressed with the Delta 14 OTF

Hello Ski,
 Hey Ski you were right about that Delta 14. That is one great knife!!! I am always looking for the large blade OTF, so if you run across any others please email me with details. I am ordering one of your Mikov Clasic today. It looks like a great knife and it looks fast and tight. Lastly keep me posted on Rizzuto Milano clones.
( I have not found any as of yet, Larry.)


8/2015 Existing Client from New York has to say:

(its always my sincere pleasure to get to know clients and have conversations regarding everything under the sun,moon and stars! Pete is an interesting and intelligent person and I look forward to our next conversation. [ Ski ] 12 Aug 2015

Howdy Ski~~

I gifted the bayonet leveretto to a truly dear friend, a highly respected Italian gentleman from Queens, who is not easily impressed, having about 45 bikes, including a Shadow, DBD34, 3 MVs, (better stop) as well as a serious collection of Cavallini Rampantes - and maybe the finest 4.9SS Ghibli on the planet... slots...jukes... prophylactic dispensers.. scale model working roller coasters, the original Wheel from The Flamingo, you get the idea. 

He loves the knife, and it's not the cost that causes visible joy, it's satisfaction with the quality of the piece - and, of course the story involving you, me, our chat, B.deS., and other personnages in yet another specialized small world of its own. 

This now leaves me without, but intent to re-up, albeit a bit plumper.  See ya soon!

Yer Bud,


7/2015 New International Client says:

Hi Ski 

Yes, I received them yesterday(100% Brass knuckles). Great knuckles and very well packaged. I will be sure to remember you next time.
Thanks a lot,



July 2015 Another New Client says about the Delta Recondo:

  The Delta Recondo's have clawed out their own niche here at Key West Knife Works and are fast becoming what the military guys already know "a great OTF with lots of power at the snap and excellent lock-up"

Thanks Ski. Very impressed. Hope to have a long term relationship with your company.
I Liked the knife I purchased off your Company and want to know if you carry a similar one from USMC Recon OTF.
Thanks again.


7/2015 Past client says about the DELTA RECONDO OTF:

Ordered one of these exact knives from you before and absolutely love it. Has to be one of the highest quality otf spring knives I've seen in a while. Keep up the good work. Definitely a satisfied customer.

Rhonda from California


7/2015 New Clint purchased our Kershaw Launch #2 says:

I Just wanted to let you know I'm extremely happy with the knife I purchased from your company. You processed my order immediately and I received the product (in Arizona) within 3 business days! You will definitely get my business in the future and I will recommend your website to friends and family. 

Thanks again! Chad


7/2015 New client purchased a FOX 599 karambit says:

Just received my new knife, and am extremely happy with it, looking forward to more products from you in the future!

Sincerelt Ken J.


6/2015 Special NOTE from Key West Knife Works management.....

We here at Key West Knife Works have been very busy this whole year. And, it's entirely because of all the great client's we have out there!

We have been open now for over 5 years. All during that time we have had the best time ever! Getting to know many more clients, expanding our inventory to offer brand name products and all in all we have never forgot who put us here! All our  unbelievable Clients! We at Key West Knife Works will continue to honor our commitment in providing the newest and latest products and always putting our clients first. I want to take this time to say, I wish all of you out there the best new year and hope you can get that special item you have always desired...

All of you out there please take care and good luck!    The Team at Key West Knife Works


6/2015 New Client purchases Germn Gravity OTF LL80 Gravity knife, he says;

Got it today it is just what I needed for the job a tough one handed knife thanks for the super fast service I will see if I can sell some more for you.. Mike


4/2015 Another Regular Client has to say;

Hey Ski, Jeff. I picked up my package at the post office before work this morning and wanted to give you a shout out. The Rubens Blades shell  puller is a beast! All that solid brass and stag brings it in at a hefty 9.1 oz. It has an all around great vintage look to it, like it was made back in the day. Initially the knife would fire and not lock up by just a hair. A little cleaning and a few drops of Rem Oil solved that. Now when fired it slams out hard and locks up as it should. Great piece for my collection! Best wishes, Jeff

( when knife's are brand new some times their tight and you need to add a bit of oil,  Ski )


4/2015 Regular Client Says;

Thanks, Ski. KWKW is the best! Jeff


4/2015 Another Satisfied Client says about our Outlaw Cutlery Switchblades:

Ski, just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to say that the Outlaw Cutlery Stag stiletto was as exactly as you described. It really took my breath away upon opening it. I have examined it pretty closely and find not even the tiniest of flaws. It is so gorgeous. It is 5 stars out of 5. Thanks, Jeff


2/2015 A new Client from the Netherlands says:

As a police officer, I truly love your website and everything you fine people stand for. I can't wait to add the knife to my utility belt while on duty. Can you please not call the combat otf by it's name, but name it "camping knife"? It'll give me less worries about customs. Thank you so much for making life saving knives like these. Since we're fighting the same fight against the bad ones, I salute you all! Many thanks from the Netherlands. Sincerely, Herrold J.


2/2015 What a New Client say's about our service and attitude,

Hello Ski

Thanks for filling my order #5622. 
Congratulations on operating an outstanding business!
Your web site is fantastic. Your email response, order filling and delivery is all extremly fast.  Your business is with out a doubt one of the best on the web!
Your gratitude for our troops is so nice to see. I love your no nonsense “ Terms of Service “ page.  I will easily become a returning customer.

Thanks for the great service.


1/2015 International Client(POLAND) Purchased our LL80 German Paratroopper Gravity KNife, He says:

Morning Ski
Yeas I noticed tracking yesterday , great ,so the package with the  LL80 German Paratroopper Gravity Knife will be delivered today.
Have a nice one.

All the best Tom


1/2015 Australian Client perchased the Delta Commando OTF Comb! And says:

Hey Ski I just received my High Quality Delta Commando Automatic OTF Comb 9.5". I absolutely love it! Very impressed with your product and customer service. I will be purchasing a blade off your website. I was also wondering if I was to pay you for your trouble would it be possible to receive some of your other fine knives with a comb blade attached instead of a blade. 

Look forward to hearing from you,



!/2015 first one for the New Year!  A prior client says about his new karambit!


from your site and I love it!  Thanks for a great knife at a great price, and fast service.  Much appreciated.  
Thanks again, 


12/31/2014 (Last day of the year) This Jan. starts our 6th year running this store. I have a testiminal from a client who says Below:            [ Its always a pleasure hearing from a satisfied client. ]

 Just wanted to thank ya'll for the excellent shipping speed and for one of the nicest $30 knives I've ever purchased. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

Your satisfied customer,


12/2014 A Brother from times past comments on KWKW's customer service. This Man was a member of the:

 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd & 3rd Infantry Division. We at KWKW welcome him home and success at all he does!!( A Stryker is a "armed combat vehicle w/ a 30mm gun" staffed with 8-10 troops specially trained in urban warfare and thay go around looking for SHIT to get into! Hadji fear's them most!!) You did your duty Gordon and thank you from all of us!

Hey Ski From one vet to another, thanks for providing such an amazing customer experience.  Transactions are always flawless and shipping is lightning fast.  You guys are a model of what an online retailer should be.  You've got a customer for life.  

Gordon Xxcxxxxxx
296 BSB, 3-2 SBCT (04-08)


12/2014 Canadian Client purchased our 11" Stiletto  Zimbabwe Wood Handle Scales Swivel Bolster Stiletto Switchblade Knife he says:

Hi. I received the knife on the 18th in perfect condition. I am very happy with it as it looks beautiful and works perfectly. Thank You., Janos


12/2014 A comment on our Delta Commando's(we have many of these) from a very satisfied Client!

From: Tyler <xxxx@yahoo.com>
To: "webmaster@keywestknifeworks.com" <webmaster@keywestknifeworks.com>
Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2014 9:44 AM

I ordered a delta commando otf and am really pleased with it. The knife is very tight and locks up great. A great utility knife or self defense tool. Very intimidating. With all the craziness going on these days its good to carry protection in the pocket! Plus the ease of blade access is awesome. Get one while you still can.

Tyler in NC

12/2014 Shipping this year surpasses any prior Christmas season. The postal service admits that 1stClass and priority Mail are both behind! client asked me to give him a guestimate on when the TWIST Blaisong he bought for his son would arrive...

Sounds like e is good with time it took to get packed and delivered...

Received the knife. Thank you for the speedy delivery. I am sure my son will love it.

Thanks,   Joe


12/2014 New Client had a problem with his knife. We stand 100% behind our products and promply took care of the problem: he says:

Hi Ski,

 I have got my knife back this morning, it is working great, hope will stay that way for long time. Thank you, I'll make sure I will find few minutes to write positive review on your internet web, you are selling good product and standing behind it and that is unusual nowadays. 

Best Regards,  Marcin


12/2014 a comment from a new client on the Delta Recondo OTF -- he says:

        Thank you for the quick service and shipping!  I have received the first knife, it looks and feels real good, very smooth action. These are better than expected, my son and I will like these alot!  I may take you up on the free shipping offer if I find something else I may want.

                                                   Thanks Again,  Keith


11/2014  I (Ski) mixed up a few tracking numbers and one of my Clients called and didnt understand why he didnt receive his order? He checked tracking and it showed delivered in another state. I quickly deduced the problem and resolved it. Turns out it was delivered but with a signature he was not there to sign... Great Guy and appreciative for my prompt fix.
He says:

I appreciate your time…  You are such a good down to earth person …

I don’t even know ya , But … you know…   and I know   …   it don’t take long to see the quality of good people …   J  …

Be talking to ya soon …

God Bless …   & Hang Tough  !!!



11/2014 Order from a client who wanted to place a phone order.(we answer our phones here and glad to do it for Clients, its not a big deal to make someone happy!) He ordered the Due Buoi Italy 9"Classic Brazilian Horn Dagger Italian Stiletto Automatic Switchblade Knife

He says:

Thank You So Much For Your Kindness...

It was great to meet you.
thanks again ,can't wait for delivery ...
all the best , Talk to you again soon...

Kenneth P.


11/2014 Australian Client orderd 2 of our DELTA COMMANDO's with the AUS8A Tanto Blades. HIs order arived and he has them in his poscession. He says:

Hi Ski,

Blades arrived and assembled. Thanks again for all your help. I am very happy with the end product.

Regards, Peter


11/2014 long-time client who purchased our Delta Cobra Leverlocks says;

Hey Ski.....

They arrived yesterday. I just unpacked and looked at them......great, as always

Thanks again,

Big Don


(9/2014 1st Time Client is very happy with his purchase, he says:

Hi Ski,

I am now the proud owner of a great looking M-9 folding bayonet automatic knife, and my special arrival, Stiletto Cocobolo wood by Outlaw Cutlery.The M-9 is unlike any other knife that I have in my collection, very well constructed and very unique.The Stiletto is awesome, what a beautiful work of craftsmanship, it's what I call a must have in any serious collection.Thank you for the timely shipments and your follow up and service is impeccable

You have a new Key West Knife advocate,
Thanks again, Joe C. 
6/2014 International Client purchases Gerber 06 G10 Tanto/Serrated says:

Hi Ski
Thank you for all. Unfortunately customs got hold of the parcel before me ... And I had to pay an extra 50€ (approx. 60$) which sucks ! The loss of the first knife will have cost me quite a lot ... I'll definitely pay more attention this time.
Best regards Olivier VERDET - GSM

6/2014 New Client Says: thanks! Literally just received my knife, must say I'm very impressed with the customer service and the overall quality of the Delta OTF knife. I'll be sending people your direction and glad I could help support a veteran business And if my father likes this blade I'll probably order him one (a 22 year retired Air Force vet) Thanks again for they great service you've provide!

4/2016 Client from the Great North & Sin City, says about his order; I have received your emails and I would like to thank you for your kindness, and for being so personally involved with me as a customer. I hope we can do more business in the future.       Sean J.
4/2014  1st post since we opened the new website and a new client has to say about our New Leverlock's...
Hey Ski, just wanted to let you know when I saw china on the box I was worried but you were exactly right. For the money these knives are solid and were thrilled with them. Thank you so much. Oh and can you make a recommendation on what to use on them for cleaning and oiling.
Thanks again. Tom

2/2014 International Client from Greece says

Hello Ski, I have just received the 2 otf knives i have bought from your store.they look awesome! Everything went fine except the customs clearence fees. finally i had to pay 44€ to get my parcel but it's ok because the customs did not open the package.they charged only the value of the products. Piece of friendly advice:parcels that are shipped to Greece with usps express mail are checked by customs. Parcels that are shipped with usps priority mail or first class mail have(almost)free customs pass. Thank you very much, I will keep in touch with your website and hope ro deal again in the furure. Stefanos


2/2014 California Client say's;

Ski, I had to tell you that you were right. I love that Propel-Downrange! And those shredder brass-knuckles are pure wicked. They're great. But, better than your products is your customer service! Two thumbs up and a return customer here. Thanks again, Jeff ( Santa Rosa, CA )


2/2014 Client likes KWKW's Delta Commando OTF with warranty and says.(Others sell it but no others make the modifications KWKW does!! That makes all the difference...)

Ski I cant say enough how rare the kind of real customer service that you provide is. You and your company are one in a million. The Delta Commando is one hell of a knife with quality that surpasses the competition and theres no way that they could come close to matching your service. You'll be hearing from me for my next knife purchase. Sean


1/2014 Canadian Client ordered a Gerber Downrange and he says;

Thank you, I have received it and it's perfect. Just what i needed !!! I'm really happy to have made business with you and if I ever need anything else I will gladly contact you.. Merci, Thank you, Jotham


1/2014 message from a Client whom just got married recently and purchased Switchblades for his groomsmen.( may sound funny but we have had many orders like this here at KWKW)

Just wanted to say thanks! The groomsmen loved there knives and the service was fantastic. You guys rock! John L. Fabricator at USA Inc.


1/2014 Client had problems with the TWIST balisong pivots says:

Thanks man, I cant believe how quick and painless it is to shop from you. Im glad you care so much about your customers. Thanks for the advice and the sources for replacement parts. You're the best, man! -Michael( (KW send two pivot sets with complete bushings to help out)


1/2014 Happy Clients says;

I am returning customer I love your stuff I love your site you guys are great thank you ! Kimo ( Honolulu HI )


1/2014 Client who purchased one of our specialty karambits says;

The Indonesian Silent Kill Kuku Sumbawa Talon Combat Karambit that I purchased a few months ago from you guys is amazing, I just wish I knew how to sharpen it without destroying the beautiful finish.. Ohio


1/2014 New client purchased an 'Outlaw Cutlery' 9.5" Leverlock and says;

( we had some blem models we discounted) Ski, Thanks so much for the Outlaw Cutlery 9.5" Leverlock with Stag Scales. It is a beautiful knife. My wife couldn't believe it had a blemish. After I showed her what had happened she still didn't think anything was out of place. It's so nice I really should put it in my collection but it's also too nice not to use. I can tell from the craftsmanship that it will hold up to anything I might use it for. Again, thank you so much for having such great merchandise. You can be assured that I will be buying more from you in the future. Wesley


01/2014 A Canadian Client giving an Up-Date about VAT Customs fee's...He ordered a German LL80 Parachute Gravity OTF Knife, he says: Hi Ski,many thanks for your outstanding service although the knife is here & its being held at the sorting office as they claim its liable for “ import taxes” another government scam !!! A friend of mine is interested in one also once he sees mine i know he will order one too.Have a good weekend. Best regards, Stuart


01/2014 An email I received from a Client! We treat all clients/customers the same. Everyone who purchases from KWKW gets this very same service! We're Proud just the same! Thanks, Michael!

Hey Man, I just received my knife THE NEXT DAY after I bought it. Ive never had something shipped so fast and promptly. Im am absolutely satisfied with your service, loosening the knife for me and having it shipped so soon, and the package containing a handwritten card telling me how you prepared it and what to use to keep the knife lasting in one piece. Thankyou for being a respectable, professional seller. I feel like you do put a lot of effort into selling your products and satisfying the customer, unlike many other online stores ive bought from. Sorry for going on a rant, im sure you're busy, but seriously. THANKYOU, YOU ARE AWESOME DUDE! Ill be sure to buy from you next time im looking for a knife, and tell all my friends about your website. Well done, and keep delivering great service! ^.^ -Michael


01/2014 New Client has this to say about the Delta Commando. Yesterday I received my order of a Delta Commando CQB 9.5" Combat Dagger OTF Auto (DELTACQB226105878) Order Number KWKW-4027. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the knife. Overall a very sweet piece. The firing button is tight,(normal for the DC) that is perhaps as it should be and I don't have much trouble with it - just a firm push. Nice weight and feel, good action, and lovely blade. I also wanted to thank you for the extra spring and personal note. Great way to keep customers coming back! Sincerely, Houghton F.



Our apologies for not getting anything in for December 2013 but from Thanksgiving to present we have been very busy! And, thats from all of you out there! Everyone! Clients and future clients and all humans everywhere... Key West Knife Works wishes all a great New Year and we hope all your dreams come true! Warm Regards, Ski


11/2013 Very Special International Client from Buenos Aries, Argentina. He purchased a German LL80 Paratrooper Gravity Knife. He says: Ski!, today I've received the knife, in spite of not being for me, the owner(Francisco) said that I could open, it's really very nice, interesting, heavy and of a very good grip, really thank you!, Custom's doesn't seized it but I have to pay taxes for about $40.- not cheap!, but I think my friend will be very glad receiving it, perhaps I'll try to give him tomorrow, I must drive about 50 Km. (22.7 mi's) The most important for me, is that you were really very honest, you take care of every detail, and perhaps in the future I would like to buy one for me.- Best, best regards Ricardo PD: Whatever you need of my Country, I'll be very glad to help you!!


11/2013 From a loyal Client's 'comments' in a Order! You guys are a great company! I like the honest descriptions, made in America, and any mention of veterans is going to get me to come back. Chris


10/2016 A Client who purchased the NEW STAG OUTLAW CUTLERY 11" Stiletto Switchblade with Bayonet Blade.. Hey, Just got the knife. It's exactly what I was looking for. Massive, heavy and locks up great. Just the way I want. Thanks for the great service and very quick shipping. Dan


10/2013 (Canada has always been a huge buying Country with Great Clients) One Canadian Client Says, Hi there, Just want to thank you for taking the time and Helping me get the RIGHT ITEMS, In my opinion You have the Best Items At a great price which in my books means that's Great. Not only you are the Boss, but also the Employee and you know YOUR ITEMS. Thanks from your friend in Ontario CANADA People up hear Know your honest and sell only reliable items. Again thanks for the items I bought. Again you have great items at inexpensive prices. Your Friend From Up North. Angelo. Regards


10/2013 If something goes wrong with an item we make it right! A Client with a resolved problem says: Hey Ski, Just wanted to say thank you for the pivots that you sent I really appreciate it and they fit perfectly. You really go the extra mile to satisfy your customers and I can definitely say that I will be recommending you guys to anyone who is interested in knives, and you definitely just gained my loyalty. Thanks a lot man. -Nick


10/2013 From a Satisfied Client one who has used the 'Delta Commando' as his EDC! He Says: Hey Ski, So I called you late Monday about a trigger spring I broke on my Delta. 2 days later, on Friday I received a new spring, that easy. Great service! N ow on the subject of the Delta Commando. I work for the Clackamas River Ranger District and have been using a M.T,Ultra for years until I gave it to my son and replaced it with the Delta for my e.d.c. Its has proved itself every bit as good as my ultra I spent 3 times as much for. Also the Delta is bigger,looks better, and sounds just plain bad every time it gets opened up.I want to make it public.... the Delta is the best OTF for all use hands down and KEYWESTKNIFE WORKS.com IS THE ONLY PLACE TO PURCHASE ONE.1 YEAR WARRANTY.NO ONE CAN BEAT THAT!!!! Thanx again.Mark C. Estacada, Oregon. ( stinggofast@yahoo.com )


10/2013 Special note From KWKW management: We are very great full here at KWKW because of our tremendous following! We appreciate Each & Every Client we service and We do not feel like we go out of our way to be Respectful and prompt in our service. We know that without our Great Clients we would not be where we are at today! However, their are people out there who you just can not satisfy know matter how hard you try. Its sad this happens but its part of the eCommerce Business. We sincerely thank all who have purchased our products & sent emails to us about how we treat our Great Clients!! Respectfully Key West Knife Works Management!


10/2013 An email from a Client who purchased some of the Outlaw Cutlery Balisongs! ( Thank's Brian! ) Last weekend I ordered three balisong knives form KWKW. They arrived yesterday, Thursday Oct 3rd. WOW quick shipping. I ordered: The practice knife with the dull blade so I can learn on it and not cut my fingers off. Its tight precise and the spring loaded latch stays wonderfully out of the way. The Outlaw BTT. Its clear that a lot of though went into examining the Twist before building this knife and its equally clear that it easily addresses the Twists weak points. The brass color is awesome. The M-Tech Twist. I believe you are the only dealer with these in stock. A number of sites hail this knife as the best of the "cheap" butterfly knives. I was amazed to find a note from -Ski himself in telling me that he'd already loosened the screws so I could set them to my taste and reminding me to use lock-tite on them. Quick shipping and a personal note, that's some excellent customer service right there. Thanks! I'll be back... -- Brian Oxxxxx, Columbia Md

9/2013 Email from a Client and his Review of an Outlaw Cutlery Switchblade. I think he was impressed! Ski I received my Riverboat Gambler yesterday. Talk about quick shipping! Texas repealed the switchblade clause in the Penal Code on September the first and I was wanting something to demonstrate what a legal switchblade could be based on current law now. This knife has a blade only 1/2 inch shorter than maximum allowed and has a standard single edge blade so it is perfect. When I opened the package and got my first look at it I was amazed at the fit and finish of the knife and the pouch which came with it. The pouch is a nice soft form fitting one which will be good protection for the knife and is very well made. The knife- WOW! The horn is perfect, not a blemish. The construction is better than first class. I lived in Europe for 3 years and switchblades are common there so I always carried them and had some very nice ones but this one puts all of them to shame as far as quality. Also I was shocked to see that the blade had a polished razor sharp edge on it out of the box. Thanks for making such a beautiful piece. I will be ordering more from you in the future, that is a fact. Wesley


9/2013 One of the great Clients we have served here at KWKW! We appreciate all our clients because we would not be where we at without them!! Ski, I have ordered from you three times now and each time the order has gone out the same day and arrived on the other side of the country in 2 days. The knives I have ordered from you, especially the Outlaw Cutlery Line have surpassed my expectations quite a bit; The 11" Buffalo Horn stiletto is amazing and built better and more sturdy than the Italians I have in the same size; using thicker stainless liners instead of brass ones has made the knife more substantial as well as a lot stronger than Italian ones. The BTT Balisong is the most amazing balisong for the money I have ever seen. It flips and feels perfect in the hand and the anodizing job on it is top notch. I have no problem saying that it is a work of art; words do not describe how incredible it is for the price. Keep up the good work! Regards A.V.

9/2013 International ( Hong Kong )Client purchased 2 Gerbers and he received them in 4 business days. He says: Hi Ski! The knives arrived today! I'm impressed at how quickly they got here. ( Gerber 06 Mil-Issue Tanto/Serrated & Gerber Propel DownRange ) I'm very happy with them & just wanted to thank you again for your help facilitating my order. I will be back...! Many thanks again. Regards, Ash

9/2013 What can we say? Here is another satisfied Client who purchased from our newest line of Knives. The Karambits! This particular one the Kuku Macan a real Beast and top seller. Good Afternoon, I received my order of an Indonesian KuKu Macan today. I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with everything. The package arrived two days after I ordered, and was in pristine condition. The karambit is amazing- there was a handwritten note from Ski in the box, and he noted how comfortable it is, and asked if I could imagine throwing a strike with this. Well, I certainly hope I never do throw a strike with it; but that being said, this is the best karambit I have ever held. It is balanced, feels natural, and is viciously functional. Thank you very much; I have never ordered from your site before, but will be the first place I stop for my next blade purchase, guaranteed. Thank you for the fantastic product, prompt and efficient service, and the handwritten note stopped me in my tracks. I read the note before even unwrapping the knife. Thank you, and keep up the great work! Sincerely, Joe P.


9/2013 International Customer (Aussy x-patriot)working in China. Purchased two Gerber's; A Downrange & 06 Mil-Issue Tanto/Serrated #1055. Client say's: Hi Ski Thanks so much! I really appreciate your great customer service. I'll most certainly be back in the future for another order. All the best, Ash

8/2013 It makes us proud at KWKW to service our Fighting Forces. When we get a email (see) below, like this we know we are doing right! Hoo-ah Army!! Greetings, I am a new customer and a soldier. I want to say how much I appreciate a company like yours, a veteran operated company with great service. I recently bought a karambit and received it quickly along with a nice little personalized message. Thank you. When I am in need of knives your website will be the first one I check. I have already passed your name around to friends. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. V/R Joshua M.


8/2013 A Hawaiian Client & 1st time buyer. I think she's happy! What do you think? All in a days work at Key West. Ski!! How do you do it man?! I live in Hawaii. You are located in Florida. Yet my package arrived in just 2 days! I finally got a chance to open today (I let it sit in the post office until I was able to pick it up) and I am blown away. Great packaging job; everything super secure. And the knife. Is. Beautiful. The gun metal color of this Twist is so nice. I can't find any flaws. I was shocked at the heft and how solid it felt out of the box. Web pics and youtube videos make it look much lighter! Great feel to it and razor sharp! It flips amazingly. Can't tell what kind of washers it has... doesn't look like the bronze ones but it flips very smooth. But what's even more is that it didn't come with those ugly triangle-shaped spacers I see everyone else have on their Twists. Mine has the pretty barrel-shaped spacers I only seen one guy with. And it was because someone else modified it for him. How is this possible? Why does my Twist have awesome spacers and other people have regular ugly ones? Lol. Totally not complaining. I'm in love. This is most definitely my new favorite knife. I just spent $80 on my last knife -- a regular folder. I spent less than $30 on this one and the quality is amazing. (Btw, I saw that the price for these on your site went up $1.00( yes it was increased -supplier bumped us. We have to follow to stay even with the market.) the next day after I placed my order lol) I almost don't want to flip it so as not to ruin it. Almost. So glad I bought 2! Im gonna leave the other one in its box, as is. :) Thank you for everything. And thank you for the nice personal message on the business card! It was such a joy just to open up the packaging around the knives. Can't wait to order again and looking forward to the free shipping! With much Aloha, Krystal


8/2013 It must be Police Officer month! August has been a boom time at KWKW. Many new clients and new items geared to Military & Law Enforcement. Here is another Officer's Testimonial! Hey Ski, Just wanted to let you know our local mailman dropped off the Mossad K-bit about 2 minutes ago. All I've done so far is unbox it & clean it up a little. This thing is Amazing! Everything the pics & review made it sound like and more! I was a bit concerned with how the size might be (the picture seems to have someone with a fairly big hand holding it), my hands are kinda small...No problem at all, fits me almost like a glove! This will absolutely be going on my off-side as an EDC to aid in CC pistol retention. Guns can jam, but not blades! Also, nice sheath it comes with: real kydex & a Tek-Lok, none of that crummy thermo-plastic stuff or a belt clip that breaks after 5 minutes! Thinking I may Duracoat it dark green & black, like 2-tone digital camo! If I ever need any more GREAT knives, I'll be sure to send more business your way! Jesse


8/2013 German Gravity OTF Knife shipped to Argentina to one Happy Client he says; (KWKW ships International) Hi Ski Today the LL80 was delivered in perfect conditions!. The knife is as good as is described in you web site. It was very nice to have bussiness with you. It will be a good companion to my WW II gravity knife. Kindest Regards, Reynaldo M.


8/2013 Client purchased a Outlaw Cutlery "Gunslinger" Balisong and sent me this unsolicited youtube. Which we are very proud! Independent client review Below!


8/2013 From a Happy Client who purchased a Delta Commando He says: The first Delta Commando was so awesome, I need another in case something happens to the first one! Thanks for a great product and service! regards... C. D. R-----


7/2013 Awesome Service! From a recent Client.../ I'm giving him and his Company Plug!!!Please mention you saw his Business in Key West if you call... I wanted to say as an online retailer myself I love the awesome service I received and prompt shipping. I will be telling my buddies about your site many of us in the diesel performance arena also like knives / guns and self defense items. Great service and I will be back. Thanks! -- Will Petty Troll Performance Tuning Sales & Marketing 713-396-9442 Cell Sales@trollperformance.com


7/2013 Clients comments about the Order he purchased!(Delta Commando's are a Force to be reckoned with,for sure!)Phone order's Receipts upon request... Got the Delta Commando and the blemished Riverboat Gambler, great quality knives, blemish is hardly even seen!! Appreciate the great service you provided, just wondering if I could get a receipt? Never got one emailed or shipped in the mail. Thanks again! Walt


7/2013 New Client purchased the Delta Recondo in Dagger Blade, here are is comments! SKI! Just got it in the mail... sweet love the action, the torx screws are nice and the rubber feel, Also the Dagger blade is way to my liking ,I,ll be back and glad I found you Be well ,be Safe Richard J PS: Im still waiting for the Black Panthers to show up !!


7/2013 July is turning out to be a great month with all the great comments from Even Greater Clients!! Thanks Ski, I ordered the: 8.75" Gerber 06 Military Issue Tanto-Serrated/ Black G-10 Scales(Bomb Knife) Item# 207241932 Withinn 48 hrs of placing my order with you I had the knife in my hands.. Can't say enough about it or the service you provided.. One of the finest quality knives made... Thanks for your help and a great resource for any knife you could want... I have shared your site with several friends... 100% satisfied.... Sonny W.


7/2013 Happy Client - He got a pretty cool knife... Gentlemen Very happy with the 8.5" Israeli MOSSAD Hidden Release Operator's Knife. Will definitely order from your great company again. "God Forgives Mossad Does Not" Joel


7/2013 Long-Time Client, Police Detective, Martial Artist, Down-right Good Man!! Says; Ski, I received the KuKu Macan k-bit today. This knife is amazing - if is the one I've been searching for. The construction is excellent. It is large, but still light enough for speed. The ring is set slightly forward at a perfect angle and the curvature of the blade is just right for puncturing and grabbing. The sheath looks easy to modify for inside the waistband carry. Thank you for the exceptional service and speedy delivery. Key West Knife Works has proven once again to be the best Internet site for hard to find blades and great service. Till next time, Paul


6/2013 Another great comment about the "Delta Recondo" Ski, Received my OTF knife yesterday afternoon, and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I really appreciated your help with my order; you were extremely helpful. I will make sure to tell my friends; highly recommending KeyWestKnife for any of their knife purchases. Thanks again, and may you have yourself a great week ahead. Mark H.


6/2013 Canadian Client purchased a Gerber 06 Mil-Issue Automatic knife -- his remarks! Hi, received the knife today. Thanks for the great packaging and a great quality product in the Gerber 06 Automatic. David


5/2013 Delta Recondo OTF (Special Projects) fast becoming a Best Seller here at KWKW. Here is yet another Great Testimonial in its favor!! ( 0 complaint's) Hi again,I just wanted to write and say thanks for helping my wife order the correct knife for my bday,she called up and SKI helped her get the right one. She got me the Delta Recondo (Special Projects)OTF which is exactly the one that i had been wanting for several months now,i figured it was good based on a few others that i have purchased from you(KWKW) in the last year but this one beats them all so far. This knife is built like a tank and has now become my everyday work knife,i was honestly amazed at the heft to it when i first opened it,the action is super smooth and due to the heft you dont get any jerking out of your hand like some light OTF's. I would recommend this knife to anyone and have to several of my co-workers already,just wanted to say thanks and give a honest review of another great knife from y'all. Sincerely, Daniel M.


5/2013 Delta Recondo & Happy Client! hey guys, got my new delta recondo otf the other day from ya. this is a realy cool knife. love it and thank you. do you sell or know where to get the take down tool for the delta otf ? it looks like the same hardware for microtech. i want to put lock tight on screws so they don't get lost. Aaron


4/2013 Canadian Law Enforcement(RCMP-Ontario) officer purchased the Gerber 06 Mil-Issue Tanto/Serrated Blade model. his words.. To whom it concerns, This is one "bad dude" such power on the opening it wants to jump out of your hands. razor sharp and I have cut myself already! heaver than the G-10 model but nothing important. I can not believe the natural feel it gives while being gripped. The tactical molle shaeth works on all my gear as you guaranteed! You run a top ecommerce store and your participation in the Veterans Owned and Run Business Project is exemplary! Thanks for your service! I will pass the word to my team mates. Jon xxxxxxxx Cstpl.


4/2013 Tyler was back again and found our Scarab's to his liking! Just received the Scarab, beautiful! Thank you for the Delta springs, free shipping on my next order and the tri pin screws! I will definitely be ordering from you again, and recommending you to my friends and others online, Tyler


4/2013 One of our Newest Clients and is impressed on how we do business and the Knives we offer! Thank You, Tyler... Ski I'm going to order the double edge dagger. I have the microtech tri bit piece somewhere in the tool box, so I'll still be able to service it Well. Thank you for always replying, and being such a help, the bigger companys like bladeplay and bladehq would never reply to my emails, Send me broken stuff occasionally, and most importantly, never got a hold of my girlfriend to ask about using her card. I really appreciate that, so many people are stealing identities. I was really happy to hear you asked her about it. In my opinion, you have the best knife website online. Tyler (Warren, PA)


4/2013 New Client! His replies on the Delta Commando-MN & Delta Recondo(Special Projects) CQB OTF's...He found-out what many already Know. You CAN buy a great OTF and not get Ripped-OFF by some Brand Name Over Priced OTF! Dear Ski, I have just received my Delta Commando. Great work, amazing construction, as good if not better than my old Microtech. You're doing a great thing, keep it up. I'll be buying from you in the future. Tyler Dear Ski, Just received my Delta Recondos(Special Projects). Great job! I love them, they've got a really sturdy feel. Honestly they're as good as a real Troodon in my opinion. Keep it up! I can't wait to place my next order, sometime before Friday. Have a great day! Tyler


4/2013 Follow-UP from BJ (below) Hey Ski it's Bj in Canada just wanted to let you know that Russian Bear Auto I purchased from you . is now my new personnel favorite, I went on a fire rescue to a wreck yesterday since I received my order, and i was packing the bear i needed it to cut a seat belt and some things it was not meant to do and it performed beautifully , man I love the tools you got, talk to you soon , best regards Bj


3/2013 lONG TIME CANADIAN CLIENT SAYS; Hey Ski it's Bj up In Canada I received my order today I'm so happy and thrilled with my purchases, you never cease to amaze me Ski I am looking so forward to my next purchase, once again great job Ski


3/2013 Client purchased a Gerber Covert Auto says... PERFECT! Spoke to you on the phone a few days about the Gerber Covert Auto, really fast shipping, and the knife is nothing short of amazing....wow is all I can say, you guys are the best... Jim Gill, ARMY


2/2013 Client says about the Ganzo Tools Don Reproduction; Check Out theGanzo Don Ski, I received my Ganzo Don knife today and I had to take a minute to write you and say WOW!!! Most people only write to complain about something but I'm not complaining. At this price point this knife is a steal. I do not own a Protech Don but have handled one. If not for a few little differences I would think this was a true Protech product. The differences are not in quality either. This thing locks up quick and tight. It weighs right and is very comfortable in hand. I will be ordering from you again and soon. I've got my eye on the Hubertus lever lock. I do have to watch myself in adding to my collection. However I can see that in your service and in your selection I will be back. Thanks again for the very prompt service. Regards, Tom

 2/2013 A Client sent me( Ski ) this quick message about a Karambit he purchased here at KWKW. M. is a Sheriff and Martial Arts Instructor himself for the Sheriff's Dept.. He purchased the Israeli Military Karambit Claw says a lot when your instructor is afraid of something. Ski Been showing off the new toy I bought from you. My martial arts instructor is afraid of it! MW
 2/2013 Happy Client! / My staff really like's when I receive these emails, it means Pizza for lunch!! Ski- I wanted to take the time to write you due to the overall service I received. One word: Awesome! I was thoroughly impressed and will be directing ALL of my knife business your way. Thank you for all you've done for me. Jon M.
 2/2013 PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL from a LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL and SELF DEFENSE INSTRUCTOR!! He is Talking about the Israeli Military Karambit Claw Click the link and see for yourself. My name is Michael. I am a current law enforcement officer for the State of Idaho and I am a pistol/shotgun/combat firearms Instructor. I am a FIRM believer in carrying a blade primarily for weapon retention techniques as well as a last resort backup for when you're out of ammunition. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! I usually carry a Ka Bar TDI or a Spyderco on my support side as my backup blade. My option when I'm not carrying a pistol concealed is my Cold Steel Scimitar Spike around my neck. While confident with my blades and the training I've had in their use, I can't say I have owned an actual combat worthy blade. SO - I started doing some research. I have some very high ranking friends in the art of Arnis and some other Filipino Martial Arts that absolutely LOVE sticks! In researching my next blade choice, I came across the Karambit. I've seen the hawkbill style blades for quite some time - I've seen the ring in the end of the handle and thought 'whatever'. After talking with my buddies and actually SEEING what a Karambit is capable of - it is the ONLY blade I will carry from now on for a defensive purpose! For a medium sized, still concealable blade it is the most effective and deadly blade I have ever seen. Just search YouTube for 'Karambit Techniques' and see some of the things Doug Marcaida does! (I hope I spelled his name correctly). The Karambit flows naturally with just basic punches and blocking techniques when held in its 'normal' grip - which is a reverse grip for every standard blade out there. SO - Why did I choose the Israeli Combat Claw Karambit? It has ALL of the design features I was looking for. It has a more pronounced curved blade which makes the tip of the blade point at the target when simply throwing a punch. An uppercut punch will deliver an absolutely devastating blow with complete blade penetration that requires more wrist work on a more traditional Karambit blade design. This works better for femoral artery strikes, jugular strikes and defensive measures in general. Just grip it and she's already in the correct orientation to fight. When holding this Karambit in a 'traditional' blade forward grip, it is like a mini Kama or Kai. The serrated back section of the blade is sharp and is used for control techniques and to position your opponent for a fatal blow. It can be used for back cutting as well to disable your opponents appendages. I have been an extreme fan of blades ever since I was a kid. I have my Bowie knives, my stilettos, kukris, machetes and daggers..........I'm telling you NOTHING compares to this specific Karambit when it comes to raw hand to hand combat. Needless to say, I highly recommend this Karambit! Please do yourself a favor and invest a little bit of money in taking an edged weapon defensive class. It could save your life or that of a loved one some day! Stay safe! PLEASE remember - edged weapons are ALSO part of our 2nd Amendment right! Its not just for firearms. Michael in Northern Idaho

 2/2013 Repeat Client Says; Ski, I received my knives that I ordered yesterday via USPS, lightning fast I might add. The Recondo is an amazing knife. The detail and build quality is perfect. Seams are almost invisible, weight gives it a solid feel in ones hand. On deployment it gives a crisp snap with a very solid lockup, the same is felt on retraction. The knife is smooth in all points and with a slight amount of gun oil it produces that solid thunk sound when used. The Spetsnez is just as solid a build with the blade giving a smooth launch and lockup. A distinct recoil is felt on deployment lockup which gives you a very confident feel holding it. Your prices are the best I've seen for such a build and honestly for what I paid I didn't expect such high quality products. I'm a return customer and plan on additional purchases in the future. Thank you for providing such an outstanding source for high quality products at such low prices! Robert

 2/2013 We get this a lot here at KWKW about how fast we are!) Sergio from Vegas say;s Hello Ski, Thank you again! The Twist is perfect, and it came in two days. Ill be shopping on your site again soon. Take care - Sergio

 2/2013 Happy Client say's: hello ski, i just wanted to thank you so much for the knife! wasn't expecting it so soon from florida to california in 2 days - unreal!! anyway, i have been looking for a decent karambit folder and the fox is just plain excellent! thank you thank you thank you! looking forward to buying more awesome knives from you! take care! Steven
 1/2013 This email says it all... Dear Key West I placed an order with you Friday 25th and received it today (Wed.30th).....outstanding.Also very happy with merchandise too. You can count me a satisfied customer who will shop with you again. Jeff R.
 1/2013 and we keep rolling, another very satisfied International Client!! Hi Ski, Picked up my parcel today, everything was excellent! ( a huge order of Gerber's and Delta Commando's) I love America and FedX! Talk soon Kevin.

 1/2013 Yep it's 2013!! And we here at KWKW still hear from our clients about the Quality of our Delta Commando's ! Today I received the knives I ordered from you and I was pleased to find the knives of better quality than I was expecting! Thanks for taking the time to give such a good description of the products you have to offer! Jeff Lexington, KY

12-2012 We here at KWKW are very proud of our Customer Service, here is yet another example from a happy Client; he says, Hi Ski,. This is for potential customers that read your reviews... I called" Ski " on a Friday, agitated about the lack of quality of the knives I just received from "another knife place on the web", that was going to give as gifts.I explained that time was running out and before I ordered any more knives, I needed some assurances of quality and delivery. He convinced me right away with his straight talk and no nonsense approach. So here it is Monday night ( 3 DAYS LATER !!!! ) ( this may not be typical, but it happened this time and that's good enough for me ) and I have the three Ganzo Automatics in my hand and they are as described on the site and I am SATISFIED. I know the two friends that are getting these will be pleased. I decided to keep one for myself and the other friend gets one of the fruit cakes that are sitting around here and the handful of the other knives that I got from the other place. Oh well, sucks to be him. I will be ordering again from keywestknifeworks & Ski. I am very interested in the Delta Series that Ski has modified. Thanks, Joe in San Antonio


11/2012 Past client came back, says.... Ski Just wanted to let you know i got the Commando and the closeout lightning today and have to say they both are excellent knives,the Commando honestly blew me away with the quality for the price,if they keep making them that nice i'm done buying real Microtechs. The lightning also is great expecially at the discounted price. Anyways just wanted to say thanks and i will be buying more soon,especially when the Recondo gets back instock. Dan


11/2012 Repeat Customer very satisfied says, Ski, I just received the RAO 185 and I am well pleased with the quality. The RAO 185 is just like your website stated. It has been an absloute pleasure to do business with KEYWESTKNIFEWORKS.COM. I am amazed at how fast the items come and the shipping. Top notch company and would like to say, "THANK YOU SIR !"


11/2012 One of America's Best Says; Sir or Ma'am, I just recently purchased a 2013- 9.5" Delta Commando-MN Combat Dagger OTF knife and just received it in the mail. First, by far some of the quickest shipping to here in Afghanistan that I've seen while stationed here. The knife was great: fast action, extremely sharp blade, and it feels like a knife and not like a cheap toy. I also received 2 pouches instead of the one with replacement parts and a torx screwdriver. I want to thank you for such a great product and great service! I will be sure to spread the word about your company Mike


11/2012 Client Steve says, Ski, Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my order and look forward to doing business with you again. Steve


11/2012 Clients Original Lightning OTF had a defective main-spring. He wanted an exchange for a Delta Commando-MN plus the difference in cost. We accommodated his request. His reply to receiving the Delta Commando... Ski, I received the replacement knife a couple of days ago. I've had a chance to evaluate it & I'd have to say that the Delta Commando-MN is indeed a sweet knife. I appreciate you working with me on it & thanks for the extra sheath. Hopefully I'll be able order a couple of additional knives from you for stocking stuff'ers. Best regards, Jeff


11/2012 Always great to hear from a past Client! Ski, I've ordered from you before, and I always appreciate the timely service and personal attention you pay to my order. I've liked every knife I've purchased from you, and I'm certain I'll be back for more. Thanks for running such a great business! SFC Sean XXXXX


11/2012 Georgia Gentleman says; Out of stock on one item and referred client to another... Received substitute knife as per phone conversation and all I can say is WOW. I was not expecting such quality. Can not wait to order next knife. Excellent product, Excellent company, and Excellent service. It was my pleasure doing business with Key West Knife Works. Thank you SIR !!!


10/2012 We here at KWKW have had an extraordinary RUN on the Delta Commando Series OTF's- Here is yet again another satisfied client. The DC is a beast of an OTF!! Hello Ski, You were right! My jaw dropped and I smiled from ear to ear.,,, The Delta Commando-MN was all that and more than I expected. It is a Magnificant Bad Boy and I love it. I look forward to buying all my knives with you. The special note and the care in packaging and lubing and comments on care made it extra special. Kind Regards, Steve xxxx


10/2012 New Client experimented on the Ganzo Tools "Don" Reproduction and Mikov says, Ski, Thank you for the great customer service...your shipping was fast! The items were well packaged. Your description and recommendation of the Mikov and Ganzo knives were spot on..I will not hesitate to buy from you again... Sincerely, RAUL


9/2012 X-Military wanted a Gerber 06 w/G-10 Handles says, That is great customer service!! I will let all my military friends know about you. thanks again Robert I packed it and dropped it off on the way home-Ski)


9/2012 Repeat Client from Finland says, Got the goods! great quality once again. Thanks again! Vesku.


9/2012 Civilian Security Contractor (asked not to name company) in Afghanistan ordered the Delta MN Combat OTF Tanto/Ser. He Says... Ski, Awesome knife, its a hefty monster (9.5). . . a whole lot more knife than the pictures actually show, really appreciate the extra knife sheath, it really looks good . . . and the reserve spare parts. I'm sure I'll being ordering again from you, thanks for your dedication, loyalty and professionalism! Dennis In a message dated 9/23/2012 4:30:53 A.M. Afghanistan Standard Time


9/2012 Residential Supervisor & Viet Nam Vet Says; Ski, Thank you for the personal attention and your exuberant respect. This knife caught my eye,( BLUE POW A/O ) being a Viet Nam vet and someone who enjoys weapons of all kinds. I will let you know my honest opinion when the unit arrives. Jim Pxxxx Sununu Youth Services Center/Residential Supervisor


 9/2012 Getting Married Client says: (Problem was some of the 14 Milano Switchblade Stilettos fired part-way out then stopped, Brand new they stick sometimes and 14 of them it stood out. So Eric man that he truely is ,contacted me(Ski) for advice.which I gave. Below is 1st email from Eric Hi Ski, Sorry I missed your call again. Thank you very much for the advice. I will give it a shot. I really appreciate you taking the time and helping me. I am very happy with the knife quality itself just need to get them to fire. No worries! You not going to lose any business here, in fact with your customer service alone, I will recommend you. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks Eric Reply Email from Eric after advice: Hi Ski, I oiled them all up with WD-40 and worked the blades. They all work great now!!! Only one consistently fired from the first time but like you said they just needed some oil. I enjoyed doing maintenance on them as I got a better working knowledge of the switchblade and put some time into each blade. Makes it all the more worth it. Extremely happy with the order and can't wait to give them as gifts. Of course I kept one for myself. When I upgrade or simply want another blade, I will definitely buy from you. Again thank you very much! Sincerely , Eric -------------------------------------- Sometimes brand new knives stick, easy remedy! This is how a problem is supposed to be handled,anything can be worked out as we here at KWKW say. Unlike the Creep in "Fraud Files" ! Ski


8/2012 Florida Clients says: Hey Ski, This is really cool! CARD SHARP Credit Card Knife is Great! Its cool how its the same size as a credit card. My wife while playing with it cut up a two litre soda bottle like it was nothing! She stabbed it(had water in it) then slashed it wide open...We both carry one. This is one of your best original products! My wife just ordered the "Go-Girl" too. Howard, Miami, Fla


8/2012 Client( Civilian Contractor), in the middle east says: Ski, Really appreciate the quick response in getting my shipment out, thanks again for the professionalism . . . and spare parts, thanks. Dennis (See: Time stamp at bottom) In a message dated 8/28/2012 4:30:53 A.M. Afghanistan Standard Time,


8/2012 By Sasha Styles; Hi Guys, I am Sasha Grether- Professional Model "From Me to YOU where ever You are- "A SINCERE and HEART FELT THANK YOU TO ALL OUR MILITARY WHO SACRIFICE FOR OUR FREEDOM"! SASHA... Super Model SASHA STYLES, Knife Collector , Firearms Lover and Renaissance Woman. She set's the Bar for Modeling! "Follow SASHA STYLES Professional Model on her Travels and about Town on FaceBook" www.facebook.com/sashagrether


8/2012 Happy client says! KWKW likes this!! ski, great site have ordered 2or 3 times have never waited more than 3 days for an order.just wondering if you are gonna get some of the larger auto's. they say they are temp. out of stock have been waiting over a year. also do you ever have the ca. legal auto's in stock have started using you over knifezilla sure like the quik service.........troy, durand. mich.


8/2012 New Client Had this to say; Hi Ski, Hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for the personalized prompt service. I also received your voicemail the other day. I really appreciate the extra mile. It goes a long way. I look forward to receiving the order.(14 Knife Order!) Sincere Thanks, Eric


08/16/2012 KeyWestKnifeWorks.com's Absolute "Finest Hour!! From Bob XXXXX who's son was in Afghanistan and is coming home. The rest is from Bob xxxxx, He says... Hi Ski, knife came in and it looks absolutely great.(The MT) I decided to try and get my son who was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan shortly a nice knife he could take with him. With Ski's help I decided upon a Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Covert Auto Knife. My son was excited to receive it and wore it every single day while in Afghanistan. His deployment has come to an end and he is now on his way home. I again approached Ski on short notice to get him a welcome home gift and with Ski's help I decided upon a Micro-Tech Currahee Fixed Blade. Ski even came up with an engraving with my sons name and unit on it that looks absolutely beautiful. It will certainly be something he will be able to pass on to his children. I can't say thanks enough to Ski and the service and quality he brings to the table. He has lifelong customers in my son and I. Regards and Thank you Bob XXXXX The !st Pix is of Bob's son Phil walking patrol: 2nd pix is the guys from the " (37th IBCT Combat Team") Phil 2nd from the bottom right, He sacrificed for all of us (They all Did)and even with all the crap Hadji had to throw he still has a smile on his face! This is a Man This is an American Soldier!! The BEST! Inscription is on the Top Metal between the handles and it reads: "xxxxx, Phillip J. 37th IBCT Afghanistan 2012" I thank Bob for letting me part of this, It is a great feeling. Thanks Bob, Ski

8/2012 Another great client who appreciates a company who gets it done,says; Ski I really like dealing with someone that does what he says. It is unusual these days My knife arrived today have not had time to look at it Thanks again and Im sure you will be hearing from me again Ed.


8/2012 Extremely Proud Moment for Us here at KWKW's Please read on: Hi, I bought a Gerber knife from you late last year, It was an Applegate-Fairbairn Covert Auto. Anyway it was for my son who has been carrying it in Afghanistan since the first week of January. He is scheduled to return soon and I was thinking of getting him a fixed blade knife (because we hunt together) with something inscribed on the blade. Perhaps his initials and the name of his unit or something like that, you might have some better ideas. Can you give me some advice on what you might recommend? Hopefully something unique that he can pass on to his son. Thanks. Bob , Alexandria, OH Well, we here at KWKW got his son who's name is Phillip a Microtech Currahee and have: "xxxxx, Phillip J. 37th IBCT Afghanistan 2012" on the spine of the knife between the Scales ! And, man does this look GREAT !! by SKI, KWKW


07/2012 Happy Client with his purchase! Ski, Excellent knives!The "Extrema Ratio",for example,is an amazing reproduction,almost perfect( of course, the steel is the difference,but the repro also has a quite razor sharp one.The Karambits are quite unique,to say the least and the combo knife is a collector`s one. Now,please keep in touch and let me know in advance the news arrivals and the two karambits that are out of stock now ,as soon as you get them back. Like I told you,I`m a collector and a practicant/Instructor. Thanks again for your attention with me. Stay Safe! M.


7-25-2012 We were out of stock except for one item and I handled it.. Here is the reply from my Client on what I did. Ski, Thank you for the update on my purchase. Your actions are much appreciated. I agree with your current game plan and I will be sure to purchase items at this location many times in the future. Best Regards, Cade


2/2012 From JerzeeDevil Balisong Alliance  Bought me an M Tech Twist!! I just ordered a MTech Twist too! And got it from KW knifeworks? That dude Ski there is super cool. He hooked me up because I can't ship "balisong's" over to Afghanistan. I just hope I don't break it before I get home and can upgrade the hardware. EOD13


4/2012 From JerzeeDevil Balisong Alliance MTECH TWIST from keywestknifeworks.com Just got mine today! I'm not sure if the guy at Key West loctite'ed it before he shipped it though. I tried to remove the screws to loctite'em and they are pretty secure in there. I hope he did, because I don't want to strip the crap out of it or lose screws while I'm flipping. And I'm pretty sure I stripped the screw to the latch, because it just spins and spins when I tried to take off the latch. But I don't think it's going to come out so I guess that’s fine. But besides that, I'm very pleased with it. I'm definitely going to get some better pivots and washers latter though, just to make it a little more smooth and secure. And one more Kudo to Keywest knives!


7-12-2012 Great Client from Norway, He say's; Thanks allot guys! (Very creative:)Products are of the finest quality,and I am looking forward to doing bizz with you again in the near future! Dan


Happy Client from the Great North-7-3-2012 WOW!! Ski, Just received my Delta Commando OTF and balisong today. I could not believe how fast the shipping was, not to mention the measures taken to get those knives to me. The quality of the knives was impressive and I am overjoyed that I finally have a knife in each of these styles. One hell of a business you run and you can expect more purchases from me in the future. Ed from Canada


6-22-2012 New Client and new collector! love the otf you sent me!!!! I will buy from you again!!! Its a great starters' knife to add to my collection and to use around the house. Oh and I do apologize for waking you up last night 6/21/12. I forgot about the time difference. Anyways keep the business strong and have a good weekend!!! :) Thank you again for the nice knife!!! -Nate-


5/2012 United States Army Serviceman wanted the Delta Commando APO AE, He says... Hello, I received my order perfectly and in a timely manner. I am 100% pleased with my Delta Commando & the transaction! Thanks! Fowler


5/2012 One of the Ladies make's her Mark here at KWKW Ski, Thank you so much for all of your help! We will defiantly be ordering from you again in the future. The knives are already out for delivery, and we sincerely appreciate your promptness. Thank you again, Elise


4/2012 Another Satisfied Client who purchased our HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION'S of the Scarab Abalone Dagger Full Serrated Whole Top-Side of Blade and a Titan Dagger/Serrated! Hello, I just wanted to e mail you that my 2 knives came today [super fast shipping] These 2 knives are great for my collection, I am extremely happy. I will without a doubt order much more from you and I will pass the word on to my people on your items and web site. Thanks so much Ron..


5/2012 It's funny how things work out sometimes. You just never know when you'll meet someone whom will become a friend. I consider this man my friend,possibly because of our similiar Military Backgrounds Or from business.Perhaps both? Either way a New Friend & another successfull delivery! Ski, I have it in my hand, and yes it does have a good strong spring action. For the price this is a well built knif





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