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THEIR BACK! Top Quality Kevlar Police Issue ' Surplus ' Bullet-Proof Vests XL-Sizes Only (FIXED SHIPPING)

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Product Description

These vests are not worn everyday. These are the vests that police keep in there vehicles until their needed for extra protection. When new vests are issued (as part of Union Contracts Vests are replaced every 3 yrs) these vests are turned in to the manufacturer and sold off as surplus. Fully inspected and cleaned. All are in good condition and fit for duty. By their nature "Bullet Proof Vest's" are heavy! This comes from the plates that come inside the Vest. So its far easier to add shipping in with the cost of the Vest...  [ 10lbs ]

These Kevlar Vest's are "Top Quality" Police Issue (Surplus). The inner panels have been inspected and show know signs of damage or excessive wear. The inner panels are all still hermetically sealed to keep out moisture and ultra-violet light. All vests are 2014 thru 2019 turn-in vest's.There are natural wear patterns all snaps, clinches, zippers and Velcro Tensioners work normally! These Bullet Proof Vest's offer "Full Side Wrap Protection"

These Kevlar Vest's are STILL Threat Level 2 and 100% woven aramid Twaron fiber brand Aramid Vests - 5mm in thickness, VERY flexible, comfortable, and concealable.

And, are designed to withstand 45 cal., 44mag, 9mm, .357 mag. 5 shots each at point blank range* (WITHIN 4-6 INCHES of VEST*)

What exactly is the standard of protection of these Previously Worn VEST's?  ("Vest's are deemed useless after taking hits from bullets and can not be worn for safety any-longer") 

Even though these are Police Surplus... I can give you this guarantee's as to their current effectiveness. I would wear one myself anytime in the line of Fire and have worn my vest while hunting large game out west and Canada. And, I personally kept a surplus bullet proof vest around my house for years as part of my survival preparedness and home defense.

The Vest's offered are; Police Issue Surplus Bullet Proof Vest's from various police departments and offered for far below the original prices for surplus. In fact its ridiculously cheap! You can easily take off the police tags (not all have police tags on them) with a cheap seam ripper tool from Wal-Mart.(if you want)

Only size available now is Extra-Large and run a bit big. The photos seen on this page are the actual vests for sale!

Supplies are limited so get yours while available because when these unique items are gone thats it! Until next time. Seems like the Vests are available at least once a year, perhaps a little more.

Shipping is Fixed at $12.98 due to the fact their are know Flat Rate Boxes available that fit these vest's. And, because of their individual weights and the packaging needed to ship the vest.

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