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Where are SOG knives made? Read Below: Knife in photo - Made in Japan!

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Many people often wonder - where are SOG knives made today? It is indeed an important decision for those planning to buy a SOG knife for use. Some shy away from the Taiwanese models, some prefer to "buy American", while others can't care less about the country of manufacture. Nevertheless, everyone has a different perception on knives with regard to where they are made.. So here's a list on where SOGs are manufactured.

What you can assume:
- Fixed blades -----> Taiwan
- Folding knives -----> Mainly USA; Japan (higher end ones)
- Multitools ------> USA
Taiwan Made SOG Knives:
- A (Agency)
- C (Creed)
- D (Daggert 1 & 2, Daggert 1 & 2 [2005 Special Edition])
- F (Field Pup)
- G (Gov-Tac, Gov-Tac [2005 Special Edition])
- K (Kilowatt)
- N (NW Ranger)
- P (Pentagon, Pentagon Mini)
- S (Seal Pup Elite, Seal Team, Seal Team Elite, SOG Bowie 2.0, Super SOG Bowie, Swedge I, Swedge II, Swedge III)
- T (Team Leader [AUS-8], Team Leader Survivor [AUS-8], Tech Bowie, Tigershark 2.0, Tigershark Elite, Trident 2.0)
Seki, Japan Made SOG Knives:
- A (Access Card, Access Card 2.0, Arcitech, Arcitech - Damacus)
- B (Blunto)
- D (Desert Dagger, Desert Dagger [Leather])
- F (Facet, Fatcat)
- G (Government, Government [Leather], Government Agent)
- K (Kiku, Kiku Dagger, Kiku Tanto, Koji)
- M (Midnight Tigershark, Mini-Tsunami)
- N (Northwest Ranger, Northwest Ranger [Cocobolo], Nite Tech)
- P (Pendulum, Pentagon, Pentagon [Cocobolo], Pentagon Elite, Pentagon Elite II)
- R (Recon Bowie, Recon Bowie [Damascus], Recon Government, Revolver - Hunter, Revolver - Seal)
- S (S1 Bowie, S1 Bowie [Tigerstriped], S1 Bowie [Damascus], S1C Bowie Commemorative, Seal Knife 2000, Seal Pup, SCUBA/Demo, SCUBA/Demo [Damascus], Spec-Elite I, Spec Elite II, Stingray)
- T (Tech, Tech II, Team Leader Folder, Tech Bowie, Tigershark [SK-5 steel], Tigershark [Powdered], Tomcat, Tomcat II, Tomcat 3.0, Tomcat 3.0 - Carbon Fibre,Tomcat 3.0 LTD - Carbon Blade, Toothlock, Trident [S2], Tsunami)
- V (Vision, Visionary 1, Visionary 2, Vulcan, Vulcan Fixed Blade, Vulcan Mini)
- X (X-Ray Vison, X-Ray Vision Mini)

*Note that most models that appear to be made in Taiwan as well are the later version of the Seki Japan models. (ie Discontinued Seki-Made 'Pentagon' is now made in Taiwan)
USA Made SOG Knives:
- A (Aegis)
- B (Bi-polar, Blink)
- F (Field Knife, Flash I, Flash II, Flash Rescue)
- M (Meridian Topo)
- S (SOG-TAC Automatic, SOG-TAC Mini-Automatic)
- T (Team Leader [Duratech 20CV], Team Leader Survivor [Duratech 20CV], Trident Folder, Twitch I, Twitch II, Twitch XL)
- X(X-42 Recondo)
* All SOG Multitools
 China Made SOG Knives:
* All SOG 'Fusion' series products (Battle Axe, Contractor 2x4, Fish On, Fixation Bowie, Fixation Dagger, Fulcrum I, Fulcrum II, Jungle Primitive, Micron, Micron 2.0, Muscle Car, Salute, Spirit, Throwing knives)
- A (Aura - Camping, Aura - Hunting, Aura - SEAL Black TiNi) 
- F (Fielder)
- M (Micro Toolclip [2010, Black, Blue, Green Pink])
- W (Woodline Folding Knife, Woodline Small Fixed Blade, Woodline Large Fixed Blade)
- S (SOGfari Machete - 13", SOGfari Machete - 18", SOGzilla - Small, SOGzilla - Large)

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